Package com.stepsoncats.gublists

Class Summary
ByteArrayPipe A ByteArrayPipe is a FlexPipe designed for sending byte arrays between threads.
FlexPipe A FlexPipe is a FIFO linked list with one reader and one or more writers that behaves like a pipe.
InetReq An InetReq encapsulates an instance of Internet transmission activity, e.g., a datagram that has been received or is to be transmitted.
InetReqPipe An InetReqPipe is a FlexPipe designed for exchanging InetReq objects (tokens of Internet activity, e.g., datagrams read or to be written) between threads.
Lklist A Lklist is a simple doubly-linked list.
LklistElt A LklistElt is an element in a Lklist doubly-linked list.
Timeline A Timeline is a linked list of time-ordered TimelineEvent objects, with an associated Timer thread which handles each TimelineEvent as its moment arrives.
TimelineEvent A TimelineEvent is an element in a Timeline.

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